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Re: [IP] the pump is a machine

NYC Sara wrote:

<<If you really are at the bottom and feel there is no more alternatives,
only way is UP!!  Test more often, call your doctor more often, fax in your
carefully detailed logs  more often and BE in control...You have to do the
controlling, or diabetes controls YOU!!!  heaven knows I have my slacker
days,...hell my slacker weeks, but eventually I get back on the horse...no
one, or no thing can do this for me!>>

I agree 100%.  I test frequently (I've only been pumping for a couple weeks
and feel more comfortable knowing what's going on all the time *grin*) and I
write EVERYTHING down.  Then I have it all together on my sheets when I talk
to my CDE.  Makes it much easier to make adjustments.  We have to take
control, the pump won't do it for us.  It's up to us to look at our
information and discuss it with our doctors.  I feel I'm doing great now,
rarely any highs anymore and an occasional low which is easily corrected
with a few sweet tarts.  No more chugging cokes like I did on MDI, hoping
maybe I'll drop a few pounds now.  :o)

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000 and LOVING it!

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