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Re: [IP] carrying syringes w/ insulin

Laurie wrote:

<<Just wondering if other pump users carry syringes w/ insulin where ever
go. Tonight my daughter got a no delivery alarm and ended up changing the
site as a precaution. We were at home so it was not a problem but I was
wondering what I would do if I was out with her for the night and I didn't
have a site change with us. Do most folks always carry supplies no matter
where you go? I am wondering if I have become too relaxed now that we are
using the pump!!>>

My CDE gave me a Humalog Pen which I'm supposed to carry with me at all
times in case of emergency.   It's easy enough to toss in my purse and it's
one of those use for 30 days and replace, so as long as I don't open and use
it, it's supposed to stay good until the expiration date.  When I need a new
one, I'm supposed to contact my endo's office and they will see that I get

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000 and LOVING it!

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