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[IP] Basal:Bolus Ratio

Questions from Newbie Mom!
I've heard the "norm" is roughly a 50:50 (or 40:60) ratio between the
total daily amounts of basal and bolus insulin.  Brian is more like
20:80 - about 5 units basal to 20 units bolus - has anyone else
experienced this?  Also- he seems to require about the same amount (or
some days even more) that he used on MDI.  It seems most people have
been able to cut their insulin requirements substantially.  Am I
concerned unduly?  One last thing (for now :)  ) after 6 weeks of
pumping - Brian's numbers were pretty good until we went on vacation.
He had his worst numbers EVER on the trip (I know, this could be due to
a lot of factors-but we couldn't make sense out of the 27's and 600's we
were getting all over the place - and we've been on this diabetes train
for a while) Now that we have returned, it's like starting all over
again, his numbers are still out of whack, and we are adjusting basal
rates like crazy!
Thanks, Laurie, mom to Brian, age 4, dxd 12-98, pumping since 4/00 and
Keith, age 7

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