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[IP] re: Curiosity

Holly wrote:
I am curious as to how many parents spot check their non-D children?

Hi Holly and all--

Since was diagnosed with type I when I was ten, I was aware that my
children had a (somewhat) higher chance of developing diabetes.  Every time
my children were ill, especially with viral illnesses, I checked their
urine.  That's how Josh's diabetes was diagnosed when he was two.  I
distinctly remember being VERY angry (at life, the universe, and whatever
powers that be) when I saw that strip of tes-tape turning from yellow to
blue and realized that my careful parenting wasn't enough to protect my
baby from getting diabetes.  Looking back, I can see that I went through
the whole "stages of grief" process--and I still have to work through some
of those issues when things aren't going well for Josh.

Anyway--the short answer to your question from me is yes.  I did check my
children, and I made the diagnosis on Josh.

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming

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