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[IP] after-shower bolusing (was: bubbles in tubing)

RoseLea wrote:

<<... when I disconnect from my Tender to take a shower, I've noticed that
air can suck into the tubing from the needle end, even though I cap it with
the special cap that comes with the set.  I usually end up bolusing  1/2u
before reconnecting to make sure that no air is left in there.  Has anyone
else noticed this with Tenders?>>

Hi all--

I rarely have any problems with bubbles in the tubing, but after careful
observation I also found that after I disconnect (from my MM 507c, SoftSet
QR) for more than 15 minutes, even though I don't suspend my pump, I still
need to PRIME 1/2 u before reconnecting.  It usually takes just that much
insulin to get a drop of insulin at the end of the connection. I also PRIME
the amount of basal that I've missed while I've been disconnected,
especially if I stay disconnected for any length of time.  This is probably
more important to those of us whose basal needs are fairly small.

I emphasize PRIME because this is not insulin I count in my daily total of
actual insulin delivery.  If the insulin isn't part of my basal
requirements or a bolus to cover carbohydrate intake, I always use the
prime function.  Since my pump is already keeping track of the basal I'm
not getting while disconnected, I don't want to count the amount twice.
(Hey, it makes sense to me....!!)

As always, YMMV.  When I trained, I was told I could just leave my pump
running and reconnect after a shower without making any adjustments.
However, my blood sugars are more stable when I consider and adjust for
some of these little details--and this is an easy one to correct!

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming
(whose pumping son Josh is graduating from high school tonight--WOOHOO!)      

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