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[IP] Re: carrying syringes w/insulin

Y'all will probably think this is overkill but I carry a ziploc
bag in my (small) purse and one in each of 2 cars with the
following in it:
1 folded paper towel (to lay things down on - never know where
you'll be, right?...could use it for a gusher too), 1 adhesive
tape remover (just in case there are stickies left on the skin),
2 IV preps, 1 full Tender set (w/tubing), 2 tegaderm (1HP, 1
regular), 2 batteries, 1 antibacterial hand wipe, 1 .5oz (tiny)
bottle Purell hand sanitizer gel, 2 foil-wrapped ketone strips, 2
alcohol wipes, and a syringe (can use insulin from the reservoir
if the new site happens to come out or go bad. Guess you'd be in
trouble if you let your reservoir run dry though.) In the same
purse pocket I keep a tube of glucotabs, a Monogel, a tube of
cake frosting, plus urine glucose strips (in a small jeweler's
size ziploc) for checking diet sodas when we eat out. 

While I'm at it, the bags (shaving kits) in each car contain a
ziploc with *everything* listed above, plus a meter w/test strips
and supplies, a ziploc with various snacks, a small carb counting
book, and a small calculator. This way, we don't have to remember
to bring everything with us when we leave the house - my 9yo
diabetic child is notorious for forgetting stuff. I have an
excellent memory but I have 7 kids to get out the door and well,
I get distracted sometimes. ;) So this is what I have to do to
make sure we always have the things we need on hand. 

I keep 2 emergency kits (shaving kits) in the house as well - one
in my daughter's upstairs bedroom and one downstairs, which
contain glucagon (the kits say to store between 68^-77^, which
our house always is), glucotabs, Monogel, cake frosting gel, a
can of regular soda, various snacks, a meter w/test strips and
supplies (yep, we have a few meters, all gotten cheap or free.
Many of them use the same test strips, which is nice.) 

How do I keep track of everything? I have a list with all the
expiration (and/or opened vial, etc) dates so I can rotate things
out. Nope, not anal. If you had this many kids you'd probably
have to do this too, to keep your sanity LOL! :) (I just like
being prepared for things!) 

Anything else I should add to these bags? ;)

Laurie said:
Just wondering if other pump users carry syringes w/ insulin
where ever they go. Tonight my daughter got a no delivery alarm
and ended up changing the site as a precaution. We were at home
so it was not a problem but I was wondering what I would do if I
was out with her for the night and I didn't have a site change
with us. Do most folks always carry supplies no matter where you
go? I am wondering if I have become too relaxed now that we are
using the pump!!
                          Just interested in how others do

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) 
"God teaches the birds to make nests, yet the nests of all birds
are not alike." Duwamish proverb
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