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[IP] the pump is a machine

Mark wrote:
>  The pump doesnt seem to be doing the expected blood sugar 
> control i thought it would. 

Because the pump is absolutely and unequivocally UNABLE to control your blood 
sugar.  The only thing, or person, or force, in the universe that can control 
your blood sugar is YOU.  the pump is a mere machine...an inanimate tool 
(despite those people on the list who insist on giving their pumps humanistic 
qualities <vbg>), you only get out of it what you put into it...and I am not 
just referring to the insulin.

It is NOT easy.  It is not fair.  trust me, I KNOW.  Life is not easy, nor is 
it fair. Anyone that tells you different is selling something.  No one ever 
promised you a rose garden, but do not give up!!   Transplants are NOT a real 
option yet for most people!!  You don't want to take immuno suppresant drugs 
the rest of your life do you?  what is you get an over dose of anesthesia 
during the MAJOR surgery and die..what if your body rejects the organ?  What 
are you going to do while you wait for a match?  just let your sugar spiral 
on its own wily nily?  What if you get hit by a truck the day after you are 
no longer a diabetic and finally are able to "start" living your life???

If you really are at the bottom and feel there is no more alternatives, the 
only way is UP!!  Test more often, call your doctor more often, fax in your 
carefully detailed logs  more often and BE in control...You have to do the 
controlling, or diabetes controls YOU!!!  heaven knows I have my slacker 
days,...hell my slacker weeks, but eventually I get back on the horse...no 
one, or no thing can do this for me!

Off my holy roller soap box now...thank you and good night

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