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Re:[IP] Educator not an RN

[Does anybody know of any certification for Diabetes Education that does not 
require an RN?]

Pump Trainer

There are many health professionals who are not RNs who are diabeteses 
educators. They are psychologists, social workers, exercise physiologists, 
pharmacists, dietitians, physicians, health educators. Most all are required 
to have a Master's degree if they not an RN.  All of them have a professional 
practice that focuses on diabetes care and education. 

Pump trainers come in all varieties. Some are not RN's, but the pump 
companies are leaning toward RN's and CDEs as certified pump trainers. 
MiniMed has phased out LPNs who were pump trainers. Many sales reps can 
demonstrate the technical functions of pumps, and in some physician practices 
have actually had them present when a pump was initiated, but we can't really 
call "diabetes educators".  

The web site at www.aadenet.org should give some information about membership 
requirements. There are some changes coming that will restrict who can be a 
CDE. http://www.ncbde.org can also tell you who is eligible to become a CDE.

Since it takes about 1000 hours of one to one patient education before 
sitting for the exam, there are also diabetes educators who are not CDEs yet. 

Barbara B.

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