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: [IP] Cure? Cell transplant procedure

Several methods can be used. In Alberta it would appear that they use two
cadaver pancreases, use a procedure to free up the islets and then prepare
them into a pellet which they mince up and inject into the main vein going
to the liver, the portal vein. They then give the recipient
immunosuppressive drugs like cyclosporin and something called HSCF -
hepatocyte scatter factor which makes the cells take "root" better. Other
methods use pig pancreas islets, grow the cells on a plastic sheet and then
implant the sheet into your belly where blood vessels grow into the sheet.
again they use immunosuppressive drugs, The NIH seems to take islet cells
from cadavers and inject them into the portal vein with immunosuppressive
drugs and HSCF.  Sometimes the immunosuppression is worse than the disease.
I asked my doc today and he about it and he said I'm doing "too well" on the
pump. I told him after 37 years I still hate my diabetes. He said, "I'm glad
you are normal".

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