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Re: [IP] Dx-ing T-2 with HbA1c

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> Hi Natalie,
> Thanks for posting the number of 126 that the ADA has set. When I was
> writing the note all of a sudden my brain couldn't remember the number! So
> that is why I didn't post it because I didn't want to post a wrong number.
> Brain fog I guess.
> I was told (maybe told wrong) that a BG taken 2 hours after eating in a non
> diabetic should be no more than 150. Is this correct or was I given wrong
> information?

Normal 2-hr PP BG is currently defined as under 140, BUT if between 140
and 200, it's considered impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), and NOT

This COULD change -- but there have to be more studies documenting
complications at that level.

I don't think cardiovascular disease (CVD) alone, which HAS been shown
to be increased in people with IGT (and presumably, insulin-resistance),
is going to swing the case -- however, the time may come when IGT is
considered a disease entity in its own right, and worthy of being

At this point, there IS increased emphasis on treating hypertension and
hypercholesterolemia, which do contribute to CVD, and there has been
some discussion about using drugs like Metformin or the Glitazones to

But the bottom line is still that diabetes is not diagnosed when
fastings are under 126. And the A1c is not used as a diagnostic at all.  
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