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Re: [IP] Dx-ing T-2 with HbA1c

In a message dated 6/1/00 9:04:05 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< No, I think his 5.4 was due to having had good, normal BGs almost 100%
 of the time. An occasional rise after a heavy or high-carb meal does NOT
 indicate diabetes. And in normal people, the spike comes down VERY
 quickly -- doesn't last long enough to do any appreciable damage.
 The 156 and 204, as tested on a home meter aren't very exact, EITHER,
 and just aren't extreme enough to worry about, unless the 156 is at the
 lowest end of his post-prandial readings, and the 204 are far more
 typical.  >>

I'd like to respectfully disagree about the post-prandial numbers, Nat. A 
very good friend of mine who is a CDE has a patient who has not been 
diagnosed with diabetes because her fasting and pre-meal numbers are OK. 
However, she is already experiencing complications of diabetes because her 
post-prandial numbers are high. My endo also told me last fall that there is 
a move to check post-prandials in people precisely because some do not 
exhibit diabetic-range numbers before meals, but do register in the danger -- 
or at least "ut oh" zone afterwards and even that bit can contribute to the 
development of complications.

Jan (and Elvis)
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