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[IP] School Truancy Problems

Is anyone else having problems with their school-age child missing 
school above and beyond what is allowable under unexcused absences 
(absences without a doctor's excuse)?  We are facing that problem at 
the moment and will be addressing it with our lawyer.  We received 
notice from the magistrate's office that we went over the allowable 
unexcused absences and must pay a fine of over $300 plus appear in 
court with our son, Noah.  This is extremely frustrating for many 
reasons.  Noah is an honors' student, is active in school clubs, 
sports,etc., and never had a problem with missing a lot of school 
until diabetes came into the picture four years ago.  He has been 
battling sinus problems and allergies all year long which affect his 
blood sugars and make him tired with a constant sore throat and 
congested sinuses, headache, etc., etc., etc.  It is our 
responsibility as parents, and should be our right, to place our 
childrens' health first and foremost.  How do other parents feel 
about this?  Have any of you faced similar problems?  If so, do you 
have any advice?

Cindy and Steve Kress, parents of 13 year old Noah, dx June 1996, 
pumping 10 months
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