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Re: [IP] Update on microalbumin for Jackie and a couple of more questions

In a message dated 06/01/2000 10:34:27 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The second test (a first AM sample) was 12.1 which is 1/2 the first number
 and within the normal range.  So--that's the good news!!  Now I am wondering
 though: 1) Should we still request a 24-hour sample test?  2) Does the fact
 that her mid-morning test was out of wack  mean that there is a propensity
 for a problem that I need to learn more about?

Not claiming to be an expert by an means, but thought that this info might be 
of some help to you.

I have been type 1 for 20 years, 39 y/o, and pumping for 4 1/2 years.  Five 
years ago I started showing microalbumin in my urine, in the 300-400 ranges.  
Started pumping about the same time, was referred to a nephrologist.  Dr put 
me on Monopril, an ACE inhibitor, 20 mg/day, which I still take.  My A1c's 
with pumping went from 9's down to 6's, and latest was 5.6.

Within a year my microalbumin levels went back down to near normal, testing 
once at a 3, and up to 30's.  They stayed that way until last winter when one 
came back at 99.  I was upset/concerned because I had made such a great 
improvement and afraid that it was going to worsen again.  I had been weight 
training and exercising strenously. Went back to the nephrologist and he 
ordered another microalbumin and a 24-hour.  The microalb came back at 35.  
He explained to me that when having a microalbumin test done that I should 
not exercise for 24 hrs prior to the test.  He said that it is very common 
for athletes (not that I qualify for one) and people with very healthy normal 
kidneys, to have microalbumin after intense exercise, and sometimes they even 
pass some blood, but that was normal.

So the microalbumin test should be seen only as an indicator of a trend, and 
not a hard and fast number.  Apparently it can fluctuate from day to day, 
hour to hour.  Kind of like taking a bg test, just a number reflecting that 
moment in time.

As always, YMMV, but this is my latest 2 cents worth of knowledge.

Best wishes,
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