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Re: [IP] Moving from California to Virginia

> Also, has anyone transferred membership with 
> Kaiser before?  I'm not sure whether to cover 
> myself when I first arrive through COBRA benefits 
> or to apply for their individual standard plan 
> which I'm afraid I may be rejected for because 
> of a pre-existing medical condition.
I've been with NorCal Kaiser since before I was 
diagnosed 8 years ago and have had to change HOW I was 
covered twice since then.  Once 'cause I turned 21 and 
lost my parents coverage.  And oce for changing jobs.  
With the job change my coverage overlapped so there was 
no problem there.  With the age thing there WAS a gap 
in coverage which lasted a couple months while I found 
a job that included health care.  When I 'rejoined' 
there was no pre-existing issue at all.  Just the 
typical duplicate ID problem (they assign you a new 
number and it takes months of pestering to recombine 
all your data into a single ID, in the mean time your 
medical history/standing prescriptions/etc.. are in a 
difficult -- but not impossible -- to reach limbo).

Don't know if that'll help since you're changing zones 
too, but good luck!

-Sara G.

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