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Re: [IP] Dx-ing T-2 with HbA1c

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for posting the number of 126 that the ADA has set. When I was
writing the note all of a sudden my brain couldn't remember the number! So
that is why I didn't post it because I didn't want to post a wrong number.
Brain fog I guess.
I was told (maybe told wrong) that a BG taken 2 hours after eating in a non
diabetic should be no more than 150. Is this correct or was I given wrong

>Ginny wrote: 
>> > I would keep testing your hubby and keep a written record..206 is NOT
>> > normal in a non-diabetic and maybe his A1C was low because he was having
>> > lows. I know I would get a second opinion. The ADA has even changed it's
>> > numbers now on when a person is diagnosed as having diabetes.
>Yes, the diagnostic criterion is now a fasting BG of 126 or higher on 2
>separate occasions. 

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