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Re: [IP] Moving from California to Virginia


we are also transferring from the SF bay area to east.  ohio, actually.

having come from the richmond, VA to here three years ago, we went through
HMO coverage changes.  we had aetna POS in VA and now have kaiser no. ca.

there was no problem in transferring.  you have the open enrollment period
in which to apply as a new employee or a transferring one.

we didn't even have to worry about pre exist.  diabetes with our daughter.

I have heard terrible things about kaiser in other parts of the country.  NC
is the worst.  (we lived there  also)

"consumer reports" has often done reviews of different insurance companies.
that is how we found out about the excellence of kaiser, Northern CA.

you will not need to do COBRA.  that is only if you are unemployed in
between jobs and need coverage.

I know that with my husbands' company,  they  (human resources) have a
webpage that lists all of the different types of plans that they allow.  we
got to choose from many, and I looked at what paid out the most for diabetes
supplies.  DME (durable medical equipment)   is what is used now for pumping
supplies.  our DME in ohio will cover 100%.  this is a good thing.   insulin
is not too bad.  $15 for 3 month supply.

call your new place in VA and ask for list of all insurance coverages.  then
if you have to go to each individual website, you can see what they
allow/cover.   (i.e.  aetna,  united,  kaiser,  prudential, etc.)

hope this helps.

oh, and by the way...glad to see that someone else besides me is crying in
her beer about leaving this CA weather!!!!!

mom to geneva and soon to be moving to a suburb of dayton/cinci.

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