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Re: [IP] Re: male diabetic reproductive question-follow up

>First, my friend had an Aortic Aneurysm surgery last year and he ended up 
>with retrograde ejaculation. It upset him at first but he realized that he 
>was not only fortunate to have had the AA found in time but also to have 
>had any sexual function left at all (that surgery is very close to some 
>important nerves, etc.).

Personally, it seems to me that your friend is right, there are a lot
worse things that could happen. As a fairly young female, not looking
for kids anytime soon, I would probably be relieved to learn that I
could not conceive a child unless I specifically wanted to. However,
from what I have learned while looking into this, I think a lot of men
(most?) do not feel the same way about this, even when they do not
necessarily want children.
I may have to look into the book you suggested. Shane has had this
disease for over 25 years now, but when our relative mentioned this
complication, we had never even heard of it. Makes you wonder just how
many other complications are out there that no one ever bothered to tell
you about...
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