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Re: [IP] Air Bubbles

NYC Sara wrote:

<<Am I just lucky or do I just not care enough to worry this much about
bubbles?  If I do get one in the reservoir, a few good smacks with a
fingernail will take care of it.  If I find one in the tubing, I will watch
it and as it gets closer to the eend, I will just un-connect and bolus it
out...no big deal!  Am I missing something that I should be stressing

Well, Sara, glad you don't have a problem with bubbles.  I've had numerous
bubbles show up in MY tubing so I've learned to keep an eye on it.  If you
were unaware of the air in the tubing, when you give a bolus, you might not
get what you thought you got which would result in highs.  And, you would
work your brain trying to figure out why you were high when it was that you
just didn't get enough insulin due to air in the tubing!  Had this happen
and I've only been pumping a little over 2 weeks.  I've always had problems
with air in syringes, even while giving shots. Some brands of syringes were
worse than others.  Glass cartridges are worse for air bubbles than are
plastic ones.

One other observation that I've made, when I disconnect from my Tender to
take a shower, I've noticed that air can suck into the tubing from the
needle end, even though I cap it with the special cap that comes with the
set.  I usually end up bolusing  1/2u before reconnecting to make sure that
no air is left in there.  Has anyone else noticed this with Tenders?

I think all pumpers, no matter how experienced or new, need to keep an eye
on things.  I think that this is important.  I just want all the newbies to
make sure they're not just assuming all is ok and then wondering why things
go awry.  I'm learning so much, and I check my tubing and set frequently to
make sure that all is ok.

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000.

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