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[IP] laser

Ginny wrote:
>  specialist at the University of Iowa doesn;t believe laser surgery isn't
>  always the fix all but in many cases it can do more harm. 

as with ANYTHING, YMMV, and certainly when it comes to treatment of the eyes. 
 But I would be very careful in saying "in MANY cases...."   Laser does NOT 
cure retinopathy, true, but it does cauterize the specific blood vessels in 
the eye that the doctor aims it at.  You can STILL bleed from OTHER 
places...AND if you don't follow doctor's orders following the laser (no 
bending/lifting etc), you can bleed from where he lasered!!!  Those spots are 
like little scabs...you have to let them heal

I don't know what happened to Ginnys mom, and why the laser failed for her, 
but in my case, I had lots of laser in both eyes....Even if no more new ones 
grow, due to improved control, the weak blood vessels that are already there 
will leak.  If the body loses the capacity to re-absorb the blood, your eye 
fills with black spiderwebs, and eventually ink, and you are blind!  The weak 
blood vessels do NOT go away on their own. THey are DIMINISHED with improved 
control, but then very STRICT control can cause the ones that ARE there to 
bleed!  The only way to stop the bleeding is to "kill" or burn the offending 
vessels and hope new ones don't grow.  

So i would never NOT recommend laser to someone who has retinopathy.  20 
years ago, I would just be another statistic when "they" show how many people 
went blind, lost limbs, or died from kidney failure due to diabetes each 
year...BUT thanks to laser, I can see the grimace on my bosses face as I 
waste more time online!!!

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