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[IP] prior to the snot?

Ruth asked:
>  so sara....just what DO you do prior to the snot?

well, i try to stay away from infected little rug rats heh heh...my roommates 
also tend to drag home some kind of snotty nosed vermin every so often as 
well, and I try not to get too close

As for SITE changes...I don't actually use gorilla snot.  I USUALLY do a 
change after a shower...then I swipe alcohol, just to fool my mind into 
thinking it is clean, swipe it with a Bard skin prep, which makes it kinda 
sticky, and SHOVE that sucker in there....

Today, however, for example....I am at work and got blood in my site in my 
leg...dammit - second one this week and it is only thursday - I am gonna have 
to give up on these leg sites I guess.  I showered this morning, but I am 
sure some NYC grime has gotten on me between here and there...but i will just 
alcohol and bard and awwwwaaaaayyyyy we go

so far....knock on wood...no infection2.  What is HILARIOUS is the last leg 
site which i took out on Tuesday due to blood - There is the little oval of 
white skin where the tape was, and then this darkish square AROUND the white 
oval of where black schmutz suck to the Bard and has not showered off!!  
thought it was a bruise at first, but then noticed that the site itself has 
no bruise.  It looks funny - that little white oval with a pink dot in the 
middle, then this perfect square of black around it...

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