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Re: [IP] A1Cs

> Jeff <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Here is one good reason: insurance companies will look at 
> your A1C level in 
> according to the DCCT to figure out just want you want. You 
> [the patient] 
> can always 'cheat' a BG reading with selective testing but 
> the A1C can't lie.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies have a rather odd take on how they
use the HbA1c: if it's too low, they'll use it to deny claims for the tools,
training, equipment, etc., to achieve and maintain tight control -- such as
pumps.  I had to appeal twice to Kaiser Permanente (Georgia).  This wasn't
unexpected, and I don't mean it as a slam on KP.  By and large I have been
very satisfied with the care and treatment I've received at Kaiser's hands.

But they summarily rejected my request for a pump on the grounds that my
control was too good to need one.  I was tempted to appeal by saying
something like "You mean if I let my control go to hell for six months
you'll approve the pump?"  I ended up saying several other things that were
probably more effective, like pointing out that if using a pump prevents
even one hospitalization due to complications or hypoglycemia, then it's
paid for itself.

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