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[IP] Dx-ing T-2 with HbA1c

> I would keep testing your hubby and keep a written record..206 is NOT
> normal in a non-diabetic and maybe his A1C was low because he was having
> lows. I know I would get a second opinion. The ADA has even changed it's
> numbers now on when a person is diagnosed as having diabetes.
> Most people I have met have
> Not been diagnosed by a A1C..it is by either thier fasting BG or by a
> family member taking thier BGs for the "fun" of it using thier BG machine.
> Those numbers aren't normal for a non-diabetic.
> Ginny

His fasting BGs are always 83-94. I'm very uncomfortable with the 156s and
206s, etc. postprandial. I think his 5.4 was due to lows when not having
eaten for several hours. He's a trucker. The more I list things about my
endo, the more disappointed I am with him. Have had him 20 years. He started
me on the pump in '83 and was very knowledgable - doesn't seem to have kept
up. Don't know where else to go around here - northcentral Indiana.
Jan & Bluda Sue

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