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Re: [IP] New CDE! Yippee

   So much wisdom in one post- wow! First & foremost, I am awed by your 
attitude about LIFE, given all that you contend with. Secondly, your CDE 
sounds wonderful & very much like Melissa's amazing CDE (aka Gary Guru) to 
whom I refer everyone for basic "psyching out diabetes 101" training. I think 
a great CDE is analagous to any other "maintenance person" (electrician, 
plumber, car mechanic,etc) to whom you would RUN at the first sign of trouble 
with any of those "systems", knowing that special person could zero in on a 
problem & find a solution!
   Lastly, as a breast cancer survivor whose cancer WAS found on a routine 
mammogram, I thank you for adding in the reminder to everyone ( and that goes 
for you males - 1400 men/year do get breast cancer!) to follow up on routine 
screening tests, and to be diligent about knowing your own body. Cancer 
survival stats are rising because of earlier detection, just as diabetic 
complication rates CAN decline with earlier intervention (ACE inhibitors, 
etc) and better surveillance too.
   OK - off my soapbox....I think your new wheel chair sounds like it 
warrants a snazzy new wardrobe to coordinate!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pum-mom, etc)
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