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Re: [IP] New CDE! Yippee

I had an appt with a new CDE and OH! am I a happy camper! She has diabetes
herself. Isn't quite sure about the pump for her but she knows alot about
the pump so there are no problems there. Each person has to make thier own
decisions. But she is on the ball about everything and even though she
doesn't have a pump she does know all about them and how they work etc etc.
Am having a 24 hour urine done and she renewed all my strips (200 of one
type and 100 of another) and glucogon and lancets etc. 
She is a go -getter and is a really good advocate for people with diabetes.
She is also a licensed nurse practioner. And the new doc in the office is
an endo so all of my medical team is in one office so I no longer have to
go running all over. YIPPEEE!

Also on a serious note. I had my mammogram done today as a re-check because
6 months ago a spot was found. It turned out to be a lymph gland (I have
hyperplasia of my lymphglands and they grow where ever they want)  the good
news is that the gland is very small now which is good. So now I can wait a
year unless I feel the gland has grown. 

I know many women don't like to have this test done but it is a life saving
test..so please have your early mammogram done and in between times do your
own examination.
I really like my clinic..the results of my test were back in 30 minutes and
if it was necessary to do an ultrasound that would have been done right
then and there. Also they have a open MRI and a home sleep apnea testing
machine which my hubby is using tonight.
They are ordering a bone density machine..so everything will be in one
building all handicap accessible and they love to visit with my service
dog. Tonight I feel like a very happy person and feel that all that can be
done for me in regards to my health care is being done.
It is such a relief to have a medical team that understands and is
assertive and at time aggressive for the patient and will fight for what is
best for me.
I also had my new wheelchair ordered..it will be pretty cool.. and I will
be safe in it when I have a siezure. Course since I will be in it all the
time it should be pretty cool...it reclines and inclines and will have
various ways to run it.
Oh another thing..my new CDE is going to push for me to get a 508 because
of the remote control feature that would be a necessity because of my other
health problems.
Now I wish they had a purple or pink pump.
My new wheelchair will be black with pretty sparkles on it..

I lost 10 pounds in 5 days..almost 20 pounds in less than 2 months and this
is with being on pred. They are concerned..I am too..this doesn't sound
good..so will go back to doc in 10 days to be weighed again. I may need the
j-peg tube after all :(
Ginny and Beamer, Blue, Star, and Sparkles

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