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[IP] unappreciated lecture

Amy, to quote Deb Butterfield one more time."The chasm of silence and
misinformation between reality and perception of diabetes goes a long way to
explaining why diabetes has not received its share of funding, nor the public
outcry to find a cure." Unless you have diabetes yourself, you just can't
understand how hard it is to live with this disease every single day of your
life. This so called medical professional(the eye Dr asst) is actually blaming
the diabetic, rather than the diabetes for our suffering! I personally can't
count how many times I have come out of a Drs office in tears after hearing
how I was going to go blind or lose my feet if I didn't take care of my
diabetes better. This was as an adult, so don't think teens are the only easy
target!  Oh, and by the way, what type of eye exam was done that day? Because
I was at an appt to have my eyes examined a few years ago, and had a hypo, and
they had to cancel me for the appt, the Dr said do to the hypo my pupils would
be unresponsive, so they couldn't test me then. I hope your results are
reliable! Take care! Denise

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