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[IP] Is there a silhouette equivolent of a soft-serter?

Will Chase - Wrote<email @ redacted>
I am a new pumper and I have a minimed 508. I was
looking at the included silhouette infusion set and I
like how the disconnect is right on the set itself
instead of the 4 inches of tubing for the softset QR.
My only problem is that I can't find a device that
injects the set for you (yes i realize you have to
have a 30 degree angle). Are there any devices that
do that or is it required to insert it manually every
3 days?

I have been using the Silhouette in a leg site every third change.  I was having problems with the tape in the belly.  The leg site gives me rest and with MM help I also found some other prep.  MM will send you samples for the different things that they recommend.  Another thing, the D rep said that they are coming out with a small insertion needle infusion set that is simular to the sof-set (no sof setter however).  The big thing about this is that the smaller insertion needle and the disconnect is like the Silhouette.  It is compatible with the MM equipment.


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