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[IP] conspiracy and a cure(long)

For many of my 30 years as a diabetic, I have also felt that no one really
wanted to find a cure because so many Drs and drug companies make money off of
us. I never really thought about it being political though. I receive a 
diabetes news letter titled "Diabetes Wellness Letter", from the Diabetes 
Research and Wellness Foundation. From the last edition I received is part of
an article by Deb Butterfield. It says as follows, "Diabetes is big business
with powerful economic, social, and political forces opening and closing doors
to our treatments and cures. Billions of dollars are made selling products to
the diabetic community. Developing a cure costs money, and until there is a
cure there is no product to market.  At the largest diabetes conference,
healthcare professionals are inundated with information about more accurate
and simpler blood glucose monitors and insulin delivery systems, BUT the
advocates for curing diabetes, and scientific advances ti that end are
woefully underrepresented. This year at the American Diabetes Association
convention in San Antonio, non-profit organizations are not even permitted to
be on the convention hall floor, but have been moved to another floor to make
room for the for-profit companies that will pay more for their display
booths." The article also discusses how diabetes is misrepresented to the
public, and that "WE" need to be much more active in our advocacy to find a
cure, because "diabetes is one of the worlds oldest, deadliest. and most
pervasive diseases." 

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