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[IP] Professorial doctors

I find that Professors, Chief's of departments and other medico politicos
are not used to dealing with reality and they are often not available at
night or on a weekend day. They are very unpragmatic and have a total lack
of interest in clinical medicine being more excited about a cage of lab
rats. My rule is if they have a title, stay away. Whenever a big professor
took care of me, I never saw him, one of his fellows would come in, examine
me and then vanish. The professor would then come in and shake my hand. I
thought this was awful. I called this professor about two months ago with
bronchitis, fever and 4+ ketones in my urine. His fellow took my call: Her
advice was call your primary care doctor. Great. I then called my old endo
Who said start drinking Gatoraide, triple your insulin until the ketones go
away If you are not better by 7 PM call me at home. I was a fellow and
always examined all oif my cief's patients but he would always come into the
exam room, discuss the findings with me and ask me what  I wanted to do.
After that he would talk to the patient and explain the substance of our
discussion. He was a prince among professors and I learned a lot from him.

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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