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[IP] (Fwd) Re: Insulin pumps

Jackie Maglio sent me this request on behalf of her son. Would the 
young football players on the list please respond directly, I don't 
know if Jackie is a list member yet.

"Jackie Maglio" <email @ redacted>

> Dear Michael:
>Thank you for your quick response.  My son was wondering if you 
>could send him an email address for a football player or could you 
>forward his email address to a football and ask them to contact him. 
> I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.
> Jackie Maglio 

> > Hi: My name is Jackie Maglio and I have 2 children with diabetes.
> > We are considering the pump for both.  My 15 yr old son is a superb
> > athlete and plays varsity football and soccer.  Is the pump an
> > option for him?  Also, my 4 yr old is extremely active.  Is there
> > any danger of over insulin dosages with a pre-schooler? Any info you
> > can give me would be greatly appreciated. Jackie Maglio
> > email @ redacted
> >
<-long response snipped->
email @ redacted
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