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[IP] Ruth elowitz - cataracts

The main problem is finding someone to evaluate your vision. If you had a
cataract in one eye and correct the vision with a contact you don't get a
lot of magnification but if you do it with glasses the image from the two
eyes will not correspond in size so you may see double or have an annoying
halo effect. Lasik is great if you are really nearsighted or astigmatic but
how may Ophthalmologists do you know that had it done. My wife was very
myopic and highly astigmatic. she had Lasik and finally, 9 months later she
no longer is troubled with significant glare. Her near vision on the other
hand is not good. She now can see 20/80 with no correction where before she
was only able to see hand movements. I'd go see a low vision specialist. The
lighthouse for the blind can accept a referral from your eye doctor and see
you. They have optometrists and visual techs who are experienced at this
sort of thing and very good at deciding what could be best for you. My wife
saw Mark Speaker, M. D. at NY Eye and Ear. I see someone at Wills Eye here
in Philadelphia. There is tremendous oversell on LASIK. People who are
myopic to a minor degree are being pushed into having it despite normal
vision with lenses or glasses.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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