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[IP] Re: Cure for diabetes

I have to believe that the original poster for this thread
was doing a troll.  And it appears to have worked.
Occasionally trolls have been tried to be started for
'which pump is best' (although most of those questions are
sincere), which has not worked as well lately, as most
believe (as I do) that any pump is better than none, all
are excellent and there are personal preferences.

I believe that others on this list (perhaps Jim?) could
answer this better than I.  Are all of the researchers,
scientists, technicians, etc. in the business of finding a
cure, only in it for money.  I couldn't imagine that
someone who's career had a clear goal and could have their
name immortalized would cover up finding a cure.  In fact
I believe that many, if not most, would live in a
cardboard box if they could make this type of contribution
to society.

This type of conspiracy and cover up would put the ufo
abduction cover up and the jfk conspiracy to minuscule
proportions.  We all know how easy it is to hide things
from the media (ask Clinton), something like this would
make a journalists career (Woodward/Bernstein), but they
too must be getting kick backs from the establishment.  Oh
wait, did anyone see the expose on Dateline last night?
Is someone saying that State Farm and insurance companies
could not cover up that, and could cover up a cure for
anything?  I would also believe that if a cure were found,
that insurance companies profits would go up, there
expenses would go down and I doubt if they would lower
premiums to match.

Yes, paranoia is a good term.  The ONLY proof that there
is a cure, is that someone MAY do better if there were
none.  Consequently, many are trying to prove that
something did not happen.  It is nearly impossible to
PROVE that something did not happen (try to prove that
there is no God).  Our paranoid conspiracy theorists will
never be proven wrong, until there is a cure.  I believe
that it will be a long time before a cure, not because of
any conspiracy, but just because it is extremely difficult
and all of the restrictions made by our litigious society.

And yes, it was a VERY good troll.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody
else to do the work.
 - J. G. Pollard

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