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Re: [IP] That Hersheys w/Almonds candy bar sure tasted GOOD!

David Dougherty wrote: 
> Carole Eve wrote: 
> >I am going to FAX my first month of Bgs to the two
> >doctors that refused to let me pump (the only local endos....and they are
> >in practice together). I will show them the level of medical criminality
> >they practice!!!!
> This is one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard. Maybe this is the way
> to get some doctors to be a little less certain that they "know best." Let
> them see for themselves why you don't see them for your health care 
> anymore.

Except it doesn't necessarily work. 

In the early stage of my diabetes, I had an endocrinologist, university
professor no less, tell me I didn't have diabetes and to stop worrying
about it, because although my fastings were high, my random numbers were

9 months later, when I was having fastings of 170 - 220, and
postprandials of 200 - 300, I sent him a sheet of my readings, and his
nurse called me and, between gritted teeth told me I was NOT diabetic,
that I had impaired glucose tolerance. (Criteria for IGT: fasting above
110 but below 140, and PP's between 140 and 200) 

This guy is a BIGWIG -- don't confuse him with the facts!!!!

It took a coronary artery spasm and a 4-day hospital stay to get
diagnosed with diabetes -- by a GP! -- but by then the damage had been
done -- I had totally lost my trust in so-called professionals. 

I guess that's the reason that the only person I trust in my own
treatment is MYSELF -- I tell the docs what they need to know in order
to get what I need -- and I take care of myself as best as I can, but
the responsibility and final power of decision at this point is MINE.

Well, it WAS a road to personal empowerment, I guess!



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