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No Subject

     Does anyone have any info to share on the FreeStyle?  Another meter 
     we're checking into is the AtLast (Amira Medical).  Are any of you 
     using it and, if so, how do you like it?
     Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx 06/96, pumper since 07/99
     I was looking at the FreeStyle, but haven't bought one because I have too 
     much stuff as it is :-;.  But, I do have the Amira AtLast.  I really like 
     it because, doing finger stix all the time, I sometimes find it's hard  to 
     pick up a wrench without discomfort, not to mention I worry about working 
     in the yard getting my hands dirty with all these open pinpricks all over 
     my fingers.
     Having said that, when I first started with the AtLast, I couldn't get 
     enough blood out of my arms to get a sample.  I called Amira, they said 
     they'd send a free video, which I never got, but after a meeting with my 
     nurse educator, I learned how to get enough blood out of my arms MOST of 
     the time, but every once in a while I still end up wasting a strip, which 
     stinks because the strips cost more than any other strips I've seen.  Also, 
     once I get enough blood to test, it's not uncommon that I can't stop 
     bleeding, so I carry a few Band Aids in the meter case.  Speaking of which, 
     the meter case is bulkier than others, hard to fit in a pocket, but it does 
     have a little loop to put on your belt (reminiscent of the old TI 
     calculators, for any fellow geeks out there).  Also, the case has just 
     enough space for a tube of BD gel in addition to all the stuff that comes 
     with the meter.  And, for women who carry purses, I would think it's plenty 
     small enough to fit.
     To sum up:
     PRO - It's REALLY NICE to not have to stick your fingers, can carry  
     glucose or other stuff with meter.
     CON - Can be hard to get enough blood, hard to stop bleeding, strips are 
     expensive, not real portable unless you read The Engineer's Guide To 
     Fashion (one of the shortest books ever written :-; ).
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