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RE: [IP] Help: MM alarm cleared all basels off.

>No, the pump will not function with basal rates set at zero. 

Actually the pump will keep working, just the rates are set to zero and your
blood sugars will go up.  However a bolus will work just the same.  Once you
acknowledge the alarm everything looks fine.  Until you check the basal
rates.  I got a E13 followed by an E01 which the first was caused by static
electricity and the E01 was informing me it reset the rates to zero.  I
didn't know what the number meant at the time so I checked the manual and
that is when I found out I had to reset the rates.  If I hadn't checked I
would have run high before figuring it out.

And many people run basal rates of 0.0 for portions of the day with no

-- Sherry

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