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<I am interested in hearing from anyone in regards to how their pump has
helped them.  Also, how is it to wear the pump all day long?>

Hi Heather,

I started on the pump in January, si it has been 5 months. For me, the
first month was a bit difficult (but not horrible at all); after that
things have gone really smoothly.

It has really helped stabilize my bg readings. As an example, in the
past 60 days 78% of my readings were in the normal zone, 16% too high,
and 7% too low. In the same period a year ago (pre-pump, but same
dates--important for me because my bg levels are generally better in
summer than winter) for 60 days, 56% of my readings were in the normal
zone, 38% too high and 5% too low. That's a huge difference in my book.

Something that few pumpers seem to mention on this list, but still
bothers me more than I thought it would, is being attached with a tube
to the pump all the time. It is sometimes awkward (when changing
clothes, going to the bathroom, going to bed, etc.)--for me that
awkwardness is enhanced because my hands don't work too well (nerve
damage), so I have trouble getting the pump in and out of cases,
pockets, etc.

Anyway, by far is the minor inconvenience of wearing a pump attached to
a tube attached to my body WORTH IT for the fine tuning it enables me to
do on my diabetes. I've been a diabetic 35 years, and wish I had done
this long ago. Probably 99% of the people on this list (of all ages)
will say the same thing.

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them.


Todd (age 48 dx age 13)

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