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Re: [IP] tenders, new pumpers, and web sites


Does anyone know if a person who isn't thin can still use
the Silhouettes/Tenders/Comforts?  They sound like the best
choice, but I have a little more cushioning than I would
like to have.


--- Ted Quick <email @ redacted> wrote:
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > 
> > I have a minimed 507C.  I see the word tenders
> mentioned her often but have
> > no idea what it is.  Do I have one?  Should I have one?
>  I am new at this and
> > must be missing something.
> OK Tenders are sold by Disetronics, but MiniMed sells the
> same thing and calls
> them
> Silhouettes, and Chronimed sells them as Pureline
> Comforts.
> Anyway, they are a different design of Teflon canula
> infusion sets. I find them
> much
> more workable than MiniMed QRs, with the same or better
> convenience items.
> Besides 
> which they work better for thin folks like me since the
> canula goes in to the
> side
> and can be aimed to different depths.
> If it helps you can see them on MiniMed's webpage at:
> http://minimed.com/files/silh_01.htm
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted


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