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Re: [IP] when to change set...

The reason for not changing a site at bedtime is that you are not going to
be checking for 8 hours and if there is a problem with the site, it would go
undetected for too long, causing highs and possibly DKA.  As for having a
snack or meal after a change, bolusing with the site change fills the
cannula and insures that it is open and not occluded by skin or anything
else.  My son changes his sight after his shower which is after breakfast. 
But he is instucted to bolus .5 after a site change.  Hope this info helps.
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>Subject: Re:[IP] when to change set... 
>Date: Wed, Jun 30, 1999, 11:12 PM

>Erica's Mom (Barb) wrote --- As long as we can check it a few hours later
>always follow it with a snack or meal, depending on the time of day.  
>My question now is --- how does having a snack/meal (& I presume a bolus) 
>after a set change help things??
>Thanks for being patient - we're still learning
>Liz B
>Andrea's mom
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