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[IP] Re: When to change set

>>The cautions about not changing in the afternoon/evenings were 
promulgated when everyone that used a pump was on REGULAR and it took quite a 
while to figure out that things were not working.<<

Those cautions are still recommended if you use Velosulin in the pump, but I 
was instructed to warn my patients about not changing a set routinely before 
bedtime unless one was prepared to test at least 3 hours later. So, you could 
change the set fairly early in the evening as long as you had at least 
several hours before bedtime. Of course, if the set change was a problem, 
then needing to change to another new one might occur before bedtime. Most of 
this related to the first version of the Sofset.  At any rate, "when in 
doubt, change it out"!!!!! You can pick the time of set change that most 
conveniently fits YOUR lifestyle, NOT someone else's.

Barbara B.
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