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Re: [IP] (geen onderwerp)

> In a message dated 6/29/99 8:33:51 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << What is a type 3? This is new to me.
>  Is this possibly what we've sometimes called Type II 1/2?? If I'm
>  correct, it's an insulin dependent, Type II. >>
> I thought an insulin-sensitive, insulin-requiring, type 2 was a type
> 1 1/2.  
It is possible for a Type II or a Type I to develop the "other" 
disease, they are different problems and while it unusual for people 
to have both, it does happen. I don't know how they assign the 
"numbers" but there are folks out there that are totally insulin 
dependent that use 200-400 units a day. That's insulin resistance!!!

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