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Re: [IP] when to change set...

> Hi all.  Love my pump.  But I hate waking up at 6am to change the
> set every few days.  What other times are recommended for changing
> it?  I know that before bed is off limits.  How about before dinner?
>  Thanks.
If you use Humalog, withing an hour or two after a bolus of any 
reasonable size,  you will know if it is working or not. Behave 
accordingly. My daughter goes to bed at midnight or so.... she 
usually will not change her set after dinner unless it is screwed up. 
Anytime before that from morning to evening seems OK.

The cautions about not changing in the afternoon/evenings were 
promulgated when everyone that used a pump was on REGULAR and it took 
quite a while to figure out that things were not working.

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