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Re:[IP] when to change set...

Hi Alison,
We change Erica's sites at all times of the day.  As long as we can
check it a few hours later and always follow it with a snack or meal,
depending on the time of day.  We have even done them at midnite, 3am,
you name it, especially in the beginning when things were SO new.
Things are getting a lot easier in that department!!  In our case, as
long as we wash her insertion site, and follow with food and a good
bolus and a check in a few hours, it is okay.  I wouldn't recommend it
too late at night unless you could set your alarm to test yourself.  In
the event that there might be a problem (and I say MIGHT), you may be a
little teeny bit grouchy putting another site in in the middle of the
night LOL!

It works for us :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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