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Re: [IP] Technical Error Messages

> I am having second thoughts about purchasing the MM pump ever since a
> pumper told me that he had experienced frequent "No Delivery Messages"
> but does not have this problem with the Diestronic.  He also led me to
> believe that MM could would be problematic since my daily insulin intake
> is low (about 27 units).  The Diestronic, he said, is capable of
> delivering smaller units of insulin and has a superior motor which
> enables the insulin to be pushed through.  I would like to know if other
> people experience blockages with the MM or for that matter, with the
> Diestronic.  This could be a deciding factor in purchasing one pump over
> the other.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback.  Thank you in
> advance.
> Nancy
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Hi Nancy,

I may not be your best source, as I've only been pumping for 2 months
or so, but I use a MM507C to give myself ~ 21 units a day, and haven't
had any alarms at all (except a low battery alarm).  My basal rates
are really low, as low as 0.3 U/hr, and I've never had a problem.

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