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[IP] Precision QID Glucose Meter

Holly was curious on peoples take on the Precision QID meter.
Liz received an offer for a free Precision QID meter which we jumped at.
She wanted a smaller meter that would fit better in her purse ( I had heard
that there were quite a few problems with LifeScan's Fast Take). The
Precision QID is small: 2"x4", readings are in 20 seconds, and it takes a
very small blood sample. The test strips are individually wrapped and fit
comfortably in the small carrying case along with the lancing device and
lancets. There is very easy recall for the last 10 readings (it supposedly
stores 125 readings, which we aren't concerned about since we use the meter
only when we're away from home for a short time.) Liz just loves the ease
and smallness of the meter and would prefer to use it over the One Touch.
Unfortunately, our insurance doesn't cover these strips so the cost is an
out-of-pocket expense for us.(Very much worth the cost when you know your
child will gladly carry along a smaller meter instead of complaining about
the larger one.)  The readings are extremely close to what Liz gets when
she uses her main meter, and a comparison of readings from both meters is
done against her endo's meter 4x a year.   A Precision Link Blood Glucose
Data Mnagement System is available from the manufacturer, Medisense. Their
toll free help line is 1.800.527.3339 and is available 24/7. You may e-mail
me privately if you wish any further info.
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