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[IP] Precision QID Meter

> I was just curious on peoples take on the Precision QID meter?  
> We haven't heard a lot on it and I was just wanting to know what 
> others thought.
> Holly


I have been using the Precision QID for several years(3). It is a small, 
quick(20 seconds), durable meter. The strips are very accuarate in a variety 
of conditions, such as sunlight, moisture, cold and heat. It also comes in 
five different colors.

I also have the precision pen which is the size of a pen. It takes the same 
strips as the regular meter. Its very convienient for work. 

The meters have a limited memory and don't show the date and time, but they 
are able to download time date and Bg values for 125 results.

Good Luck,

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