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Re: [IP] who gets the dough

At 11:47 AM 6/30/1999  Michael wrote:
 >> Not to mention anesthesiologists (sp?) who often get paid more than
 >> the surgeons!
 >They are more important than the surgeons. They are the ones who
 >ultimately are in charge of keeping you alive when you are under.
 >They watch the vital signs and they sound the alarm when things begin
 >to go south. I guess you can say that the anesthesiologist is the one
 >responsible for you waking up again:-)

I don't recall how the $50,000+ pie was divided up... but, I can testify 
that staying alive and waking up again was certainly nice. <vbg> So if that 
was the anesthesiologist's job, I'm glad he did it well. Ultimately it is a 
team approach and you depend on each specialty to do what is required.


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