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Re: [IP] who gets the dough

At 06:13 AM 6/30/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >If you really want to see rich, go take a stress test with a cardiologist.
 >You get to walk on a treadmill for 15 min and he gets a few thousand
 >dollars.  And if you give him a knife,  then he'll take you for tens of
 >thousands!  *S*

Been there... done that!! <vbg>

I think my by-pass surgery set the insurance people back well over $50,000. 
Somebody did OK there... but then, I was just so glad that they knew what 
they were doing (and they did it right), that I didn't quibble.

I forget what the stress tests have cost... the assistant runs the test and 
the doctor looks at the results for 2-3 minutes... pretty easy bucks there. 
But then again, if he spotted something wrong, I'd be glad for his 
expertise... so, you just can't win. :-)

(There is no free lunch)

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