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Re: [IP] carb ratio

My son's carb ratio is 1 unit insulin to 10 grams of carbs.  That is pretty
simple to figure.  If he eats 2 biscuits (30 gram carb), an egg (0 carbs), a
glass of milk(12 grams), 1/2 c orange juice(15 grams), that is a total of 57
grams of carbohydrate.  57 divided by 10 is 5.7 which we would round to 5.5.
 If his bg is in target range, that is his bolus.  If he is out of target
range, we add or subtract a unit for every 30 points out of range (80-160 is
his range).  So if is bg is 210, we subtract 160 from 210 which is 50.  He
would bolus 2 units extra to correct.  Hope this helps.

Betsy Smith
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>Subject: [IP] carb ratio
>Date: Wed, Jun 30, 1999, 11:17 AM

>I will be going live with my pump July 8th.  I have been using the pump for
>month with saline.  I know I will be given a carb ratio when use insulin. 
>it is not to much trouble could someone give me an example of a meal they
>eat, the carbs in it and how they applied their carb ratio.  Thanks
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