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[IP] Re:relationships/love makes the world go round

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: relationships
> I know I'll be hated for is but two Diabetic dating that want to have
> childern is wearing rose color glasses genetically not good and two parents
> that on avg. will loses 1/3 of their life to this disease. People past
> childbearing years might be good if you run out of supplies you can bum them
> from your mate

Alright, I have to chime in here.  I think it's kind of amusing that people are discussing dating as a
practical matter, as if you should choose a partner like you choose an infusion set.  Come on!  If you
fall in love with a diabetic, are you gonna say, "Sorry, but you're a genetic risk."  Or if you love a
non-diabetic, will you end it with the words, "You can never understand me because your pancreas
works!  Goodbye."  Love is and should be a mysterious and transformative force in our lives, not part
of some carefully-wrought plan.  I speak from experience, as someone who was swept off her feet
unawares by a great non-diabetic ten years ago (exactly, on July 4th) and has been happily in love with
him ever since.  And yes, he can never fully understand what it feels like to be diabetic, just as I
can't completely understand what it felt like for him when his best friend died.  Big woop!  My advice
to all is to open your hearts to whatever love comes--romantic, platonic, familial, diabetic,
non-diabetic, and from you pets, for 2 years or 10 or 50!  It is every bit as good for you and as
necessary to life as Humalog.

Boy, that's a big step down off that soapbox!  ;-)


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