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Re: [IP] Re: relationships

I have found that some diabetics can be worse than a "normal" person, simply
because they have not experienced highs, lows or complications.  Also some have
an easier time controlling their diabetes.  I have had comments from diabetics
that if I just ate less carbs or lost weight my diabetes would be better this is
simply not true.  If your body isn't producing insulin losing weight isn't going
to matter.  I lost 40 lbs in one month and nothing change, my bgs were still
high as ever.  I have a combination of Type 1 and Type 2 (lucky me)  My body
doesn't produce insulin (or very small quantities) and is insulin resistant.  I
have to take 1 unit/5 carb grams.  

It all comes down to how much that person LOVES you!  My husband doesn't have
diabetes but loves me enough to be there throw the mood swings, highs, lows,
continuous crying and times when I was ready to give up.  It wasn't easy at
first for either of us and no he didn't understand and with some things may
never but he is always there because he LOVES me! 

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