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Re: [IP] Re: relationships

Ijust thought I would share a cute tidbit that I heard on the Children with
Diabetes chat one night:  "Normal is only a setting on your dryer."  I
thought that was pretty good.  "Normal"  means different things to different
people and in different situations.  Most times there is really no such
thing as "normal".

>From: "Brian Carter" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Re: relationships
>Date: Wed, Jun 30, 1999, 1:19 AM

>> i agree that dating "normal" people can be very difficult, 
>What you all mean "Normal" I think we are the normal ones and 
>everyone else is screwed up and they don't want to acknowledge 
>it... ha ha..  8P
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